Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park
Collaboration, material and energy efficiency, novel technologies and renewable sources of energy - all available at the new Kolmenkulma cleantech area.

Ylöjärvi’s industrial plots are located in the Kolmenkulma business area by the ring road. The City of Ylöjärvi is selling nine industrial plots in the Kolmenkulma area ranging from 6,642 m2 to 12,651 m2. The zoned area in Ylöjärvi has the public utilities installed.  Read more

The Kolmenkulma business area comprises several smaller subsections, and the Nokia part of the area includes the business areas of Lehtimäki, Juhansuo and Kyynijärvi, all of which have been planned and constructed.  Read more

Tampere’s area in Kolmenkulma is part of the Myllypuro business area. The plan for the area should be approved in 2016. The area is known for its large industrial plants and logistics companies as well as its excellent regional accessibility.  Read more